School of the Future

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This article was published in the Whyalla News on February 22 2019.

Words: Louis Mayfield


The architects of Whyalla’s $100 million new high school say the building will be a modern building that could include features such as flexible learning spaces and a high degree of technology immersion. 


South Australia-based Cox Architecture will be collaborating with Thomson Rossi to design the school, which will be located between the University of South Australia Whyalla Campus and the TAFE SA building.


Cox Architecture Director Adam Hannon and Thomson Rossi Director Marino Rossi visited Whyalla for a two-day stay on Wednesday and Thursday to begin their consultation with the community.


Mr Hannon said the starting point of the design process involved meeting with key stakeholders and community members to ‘understand their aspirations for the project’.


“It’s really important that we understand the site and the history of the town, and the potential for what this school can be,” he said.


“At that point we can go away and start putting our first sketches on the page to begin bringing this project to life.”


Mr Hannon said the collaborative aspect of the design process would allow them to get ‘all the best minds around the table to talk about the best opportunities this project can bring’.


“We want this to be a benchmark regional school, every student who comes through the doors of this school should have the same opportunity of any student in any city around the world,” he said.


The design process will begin with the concept design stage, which will last until the end of May, followed by a detailed design documentation phase through to the end of this year.


Mr Rossi said the companies had ‘extensive experience’ in designing schools, including some in regional areas, for the Department of Education.


One of those schools is the new $100 million Adelaide Botanic High School, which was designed by Cox Architecture.


“We bring a different skill set to the problem and really look at pushing the boundaries for the solution,” Mr Rossi said.


Construction of the new high school is due to start at the beginning of next year, with the facility being officially opened in 2022.


Image: Adelaide Botanic High School.