The Goods Shed

Perth, Western Australia

This project was inspired through the FORMs commitment to Art and Culture in Western Australia. In-turn we contributed by offering our design and contract administration Pro Bono.

FORM required a gallery space to serve the community and facilitate local and international artists to showcase and collaborate in an interactive space.  Success is reflected by the popular ongoing exhibitions, activities and events being supported by public visitation and versatility of the space. The coffeepod also serves to provide public streetscape activation for the surrounding area and connection across the Claremont precinct.

This building transformation converted a once dormant precinct into a lively community space elevating activity and cultural awareness. Activation behind Claremont Train Station has fostered new connections and vibrancy, ensuring this area will maintain a strong presence between Claremont and the greater surrounds. It has engaged the broader community space celebrating the arts and culture of Western Australia.

To ensure texture of the existing heritage fabric remained enduring over time, a maximum care minimum impact approach was adopted.  Conserving the quality of existing fabric was key to the historical reverence and transformation to a highly functional and adaptable exhibition space.

This Creative hub features a gallery and events space including curated programs of artists in residence serving the community, rehabilitation groups and schools.  The new insertion of a coffeepod and a revitalised landscaped forecourt celebrates public engagement and galvanises the functions occurring within The Goods Shed.

Transformation of this historical building required a sensitive and evolutionary process.   Constant communication with the builder was essential throughout the restoration process. This facilitated a dynamic and respectful response to solutions in every instance. The delicate interpretation of heritage preservation and restrained ­intervention was curated through working closely with all consultancies engaged on the project allowing the integrity of the building fabric to breathe with new crafted revitalisation.

The quality of the original building materials were solid and have stood well to the test of time.  Keeping or repurposing as much of the existing was primary to the restoration process. Externally, a new roof was necessary to weather tight the space, this created opportunity for much of the rusted vertical wall sheeting to be replaced with existing sheeting from the roof.

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Architecture Award, Heritage Architecture, AIA WA 2017

The Goods Shed
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