North Melbourne Rail Station

Melbourne, Victoria

The redeveloped North Melbourne Station as a premium passenger interchange station provides its patrons with equal access, passenger amenity and station facilities. The redevelopment consists of a new station building with passenger waiting and cafe, new concourse for platform interchange and access and upgrades to platforms including platform canopies and seating. The station includes DDA access for passenger safety and efficient operations and robust and functional materials to allow the station to integrate into its urban context and operate effectively to meet the rigours required of a station facility.

The strong architectural features of the redeveloped station provide a point of reference and focus within its urban context, creating a new dynamic passenger hub for North Melbourne. The station provides legibility in passenger movements and increased safety through the staff and passenger sight lines it allows. This is provided in the redeveloped station “paid areas” as well as the “unpaid areas” of the station forecourt and bus interchange areas.

The station design utilises repetitive elements as well as elements that were able to be prefabricated to – this was considered during the design phase of the project to ensure that the station could be constructed in a live rail environment.

  • Awards
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State Winner, CCAA Public Domain Awards VIC 2011

Bridges Winner, CCAA Public Domain Awards VIC 2011

State Award for Public Architecture, AIA VIC 2010

Project Status
Completed, 2005-2009
Key Consultants
Arup, WT Partnership, Gardner Group, Connex
Contractor / Builder
McConnell Dowell
Gross Floor Area
Troy Thirlwell
Line Rahbek
John Lucy
James Stewart
Jonathan Chong