MCG Northern Stand

East Melbourne, Victoria

For over 150 years the MCG has played an important role in the cultural development of Melbourne. It has been the venue for some of the most outstanding sporting achievements and it is this, over time, which has ensured the MCG’s status as a national cultural icon. In this period, the MCG has constantly evolved in order to meet the changing demands of each contemporary society it has served.

In 2002, Cox Architecture formed part of a consortium of three architectural practices (Cox Architecture, Jackson Architects and HOK) that prepared a feasibility study for the redevelopment of the MCG, Melbourne’s principal cricket and Australian Rules venue. Following this study, five architectural practices formed the consortium MCG5 which produced and managed the concept design, developed design, documentation and construction of the Northern Stand Redevelopment which includes a new member’s stand and has a 55,000-seat capacity with state-of-the-art seating and support facilities.

The MCG is a ‘big sky’ stadium. It has always sought to create the context for the ‘natural’ game where climate and weather add interest to the idiosyncrasy and strategy of game play. The Northern Stand redevelopment continues to implement the charter for the ground providing high-quality viewing, first-class facilities for the codes and an outstanding playing surface while respecting the ground’s inherited tradition.

The MCG has consistently staged major sporting and entertainment events, including the 2006 Commonwealth Games, which the Northern Stand Redevelopment was completed in time for.

The Northern Stand was critical to the MCG’s ability to successfully host the main athletics competition and opening and closing ceremonies for the renowned 2006 Commonwealth Games.

  • Awards
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  • Cox Team

National Commendation for Public Architecture, RAIA 2008

New Public Architecture Award, RAIA VIC 2008

Architectural Steel Design Award, 2006

In association with
Jackson Architecture, Tompkins Shaw and Evans Architects, HOK, Hassell
Melbourne Cricket Club
Project Status
Completed, 2002-2006
Key Consultants
Arup, Aurecon (Connell Wagner)
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area