Macquarie University Master Plan

Macquarie Park, Sydney, New South Wales

Having prepared the 2004 Macquarie University Concept Development Plan and the 2009 Concept Plan, COX undertook a review of campus planning in 2012-2014. The 2014 Master Plan builds on the original 1964 plan and is structured around a robust public domain that helps create a more open culture and a better integrated campus.

It confirms the framework for the future development of the campus and reinforces the importance of the public domain while guiding future growth.

The Master Plan is not intended to be proscriptive – it aims to identify a general framework to guide and assist the University in its decision making in respect to future development of the campus.

The Master Plan recognises the importance of the public domain and is structured around the creation of a robust landscape plan that will provide a strong and consistent framework for future growth of the campus. Where possible, existing trees are to be retained as the nucleus of the new open space network.

In keeping with the importance of the landscape experience, COX has designed a new pedestrian plaxa and link at the eastern entry to the campus. The Gateway and The Crossing will be new iconic elements that speak to the University’s contemporary identity.

Macquarie University Master Plan
Macquarie University Master Plan
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Macquarie University
Project Status
Completed, 2012-2014
Key Consultants
Context Landscape Design, JBA, Stride Treglown, SpaceLogic