Li Ning Corporate Headquarters

Beijing, China

This campus-style office development was designed for China’s leading sportswear and sporting goods company. It comprises a convention and exhibition hall, museum and sports club (multi-use sports facility comprising 25m swimming pool, 400m running track, indoor sports halls & gym) in addition to office spaces, all interconnected by a canopied atrium volume. The offices are organized into wings comprising the different functions of marketing, design and administration, intervened by landscape and water courts. The atrium structure extends out into the central of these external spaces, forming a skeletal counteraction to the sculptural opaque form of the museum, sports and exhibition halls.

The mass forms of these components, and of lift and plant cores, are treated in varied tile and metallic panel patterns and contrasted with external vertical screens that generate vibrant interrelationships with the landscape environment.

The 12 metre high, open-roofed atrium is an animated internal street, the central gathering space and the social and communal hub for workers, visitors and users of the sports facilities. The metal-clad convention/museum/sports building is located to the east of the site and features a simple skillion roof form, animated by the use of skylights. The campus-style office component has been organised into a linked series of four wings, each with a different function (eg design, marketing, administration, etc). The wings are separated by green, landscaped breakout spaces. The landscaping is a central feature of the design proposal and creates a series of abstracted bands running east/west. These reinforce the striped and banded nature of the plan configuration of the buildings.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
In association with
China Academy of Building Research
Li Ning Company Limited
Project Status
Completed, 2005-2008
Contractor / Builder
No.4 Construction Group of Nan Tong
Gross Floor Area
Xudong Shi