Karen Rolton Oval at Narnungga Park 25

Adelaide, South Australia

The Pavilion at Karen Rolton Oval is a community sports hub and has been named after one of Australia’s most celebrated female cricketers. Located within the beautiful Adelaide Parklands, the pavilion was conceived to embrace its surrounds and float lightly on the landscape, while its form is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional cricket pavilion.

Functionally, the lower ground level accommodates logistics, ground maintenance, while the ground level provides practical facilities for club and players. Under a soaring cantilevered roof, the second level provides an elegant environment for post-match celebrations with views across the ovals.

Building on the Parklands is taken seriously in Adelaide and every effort is made to minimize the impact on the natural environment. Through clever planning we were able to create a compact facility that was half the size of its three predecessors. The building was constructed in natural, low maintenance materials and provides an enduring asset for the South Australian Cricket Community and the wider community.

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City of Adelaide Prize, AIA SA 2019

South Australian Cricket Association
Project Status
Completed, 2018
Key Consultants
CPR Engineers
Lucid Consulting Australia
Aspect Studios
Chris Sales Consulting
Architecture and Access
Contractor / Builder
Kennett Builders
Gross Floor Area
Justin Davis-Bishop
Jonathan Kirby
James Thomson
Vi Truong