Jones Lang LaSalle Fitout

Brisbane, Queensland

The JLL fitout provides a space to showcase and attract tenancies to the new One One One commercial office tower. For this reason, the fitout was specifically designed to express the aesthetic and conceptual drivers of the base building. The most obvious of these are the organic vertical structure and crisp articulation and palette of materials.

The structure which gives the tower its unique architectural expression is a response to its context of large iconic Fig trees in front of the site, characterized by branch-like columns which reduce in thickness vertically. The glass skin acts as a translucent veil revealing the columns as a more subtle gesture. It was therefore critical that the design of the fitout for JLL become an extension of this restrained and sophisticated expression as a platform for show-casing the building.

The JLL fitout responds to both the client’s organisational structure and to this opportunity as a fluid series of meeting, social and workstation environments that are interwoven in plan and section. This approach was taken to foster non-hierarchical organisation and to promote collaboration between staff of different energy disciplines and roles.

The language of organic forms is delineated by a palette of only two surface treatments, one being Blackbutt timber, the other white. The two treatments are interplayed in diverse ways such that they create the effect of serpentine journeys through the spaces. This vocabulary is reinforced by linear lighting systems that act as subtle pathway and spatial definers.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
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Project Status
Completed, 2011-2013
Key Consultants
Interior Engineering
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
Samantha Ritch
Wei Shun Lee
Lauren Hickling