Ipswich Courts

Ipswich, Queensland

The interior architecture of Ipswich Courthouse was conceived to respond to the project’s overall design, particularly in respect of the sequence of public movement, the spatial experiences encountered, the sense of relationship to the external realm, and the value of the individual when involved in the justice system. Within this context, the role of the artists and artworks is integral, its value ranging from cultural engagement to affording spatial definition and connection. Programmatically, the interior design resolves, in our view, effortlessly an unusually complex set of movement systems (even for a justice building), as this Courthouse encompasses both Magistrates (non-jury) and District (jury-based) Courts, as well as a specific indigenous people’s court. While observing the stature and dignity of place intrinsic to a courts facility, Ipswich Courthouse embodies for us a significant civic and spatial contribution to this richly textured regional city.

Ipswich Courts
Ipswich Courts
Ipswich Courts
Ipswich Courts
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FDG Stanley Award for Public Architecture, AIA QLD 2010

GHM Addison Award for Interior Architecture, AIA QLD 2010

State Award for Art & Architecture, AIA QLD 2010

In association with
ABM Architects
Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland Government
Project Status
Completed, 2005-2009
Key Consultants
Bruce Reynolds, Laurie Nilsen, Alexander Lotersztain, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Madonna Staunton + Michael Litter, Samuel Tupou, Lincoln Austin, Kenji Uranishi, Jacqueline Armistead, Robert Bird Group, WSP (Lincolne Scott), SPP Group, RCP, RLB, Tract Consultants, Ron Rumble Renzo Tonin, Eric Martin and Associates, Dot Dash
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
Perry Gustafsson
Samantha Ritch