Griffith University Red Zones

Nathan Campus & Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, Queensland

The Red Zones are Griffith University’s new visitor experience centres, designed to capture the imagination and showcase the university’s best research to students and other guests. A variety of interactive touch screens and digital technologies, including body-activated music generators, 3D projection domes and digital printers, are set against an entirely red space that cocoons the visitors in a dreamlike world of technology. The extensive Griffith brand red theme and surreal lighting design combine to create a space that blurs and dematerialises, leaving the screens and other exhibits to stand out in sharp focus against the red ‘landscape’.

The lighting and furniture design were key components of the project, and both play crucial roles in creating a highly memorable experience. Combinations of exposed and concealed lighting accentuate the organic curves of the architecture and highlight the custom ceiling features that furnish the spaces. These ceiling features not only animate the rooms by simulating domes of golden light that emerge from beyond the ceiling, but also serve a functional role in gathering all electrical, fire and AV services together to leave the ceiling clean and uninterrupted. Custom designed furniture and tiered seating are all wrapped in the same palette of subtly textured red finishes that cover the walls and ceiling, creating an immersive and engaging terrain that can be occupied in a variety of different formats.

Whilst the design of the rooms is both functional and inventive, there is no doubt that it is the unswerving application of the Griffith brand red and the over-scaled interactive technology that will stick in visitors’ minds to fulfil the role of the Red Zones in redefining and reinventing the Griffith brand.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
Griffith University
Project Status
Completed, 2014-2015
Key Consultants
Aurecon, MultiTech Solutions, Collaboration Hub
Contractor / Builder
Michael Bailey
Marko Trifunjagic
Tim Atkinson
Julian Farrell