Campbell, Australian Capital Territory

Greenwich is a successful and attractive example of urban-infill and a new style of living in one of Canberra’s inner north suburbs. Fronting both Anzac Parade, one of the nation’s most ceremonial streets and the neighbourhood park, this large mixed-use, 205 dwelling apartment building is deliberately low-key in its’ form and character. The built form uses strong massing and a robust but restrained material palette that respects its neighbouring context. Careful consideration was given to the façade and balconies to shield surrounding streetscapes from visual clutter.

To deliver a high level of amenity for residents in such a large yield project, the design focuses on maximising each apartment’s access to sunlight and ventilation. This is achieved by utilising an open atrium building type and allowing light and ventilation to both ends of the dwellings facing onto the atrium -giving residents plentiful green views, sunlight and cross ventilation. A series of community spaces; games room, dining room, library and roof top garden fosters a true community among the residents.

This model proved very popular and as the first building in the ‘Campbell 5’ precinct set a high benchmark for the rest of the development to follow.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
JW Land
Project Status
Completed, 2017
Key Consultants
Sellick Consultants
Contractor / Builder
Chase Building Group
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