Forensic Medicine & Coroners Court Complex

Lidcombe, NSW, New South Wales

COX in collaboration with Silver Thomas Hanley aimed to make the new FMCCC building an easily identifiable and positive emotional experience for the public, who are typically in a highly emotive state when visiting to view their recently deceased friends or relatives, and/or attend judicial inquests related to that situation.

The building celebrates nature, and the ideas of growth and life, and includes a strong focus on colour psychology. The colour green is typically read as calming and expresses the ideas of renewal and growth and harmony, and this has been incorporated into various parts of the facades and sculptural perforated shade fins on the west facade.

Feature spaces include the entrance atrium, courtroom waiting areas, and viewing spaces that celebrate daylight access, landscape views, and public art installations in selected locations. The spatial configurations, materials and crafted detailing of the building.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
In association with
Silver Thomas Hanley
NSW Health Infrastructure
Project Status
Complete, 2018
Key Consultants
Cardno, Arup, Warren Smith, Jacobs, Steenson Varming, Site Image
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
12,000 m2
Tijana Papandrea
Lauren Smith
Nikko Sudirman
Rachel Rutherfurd
Andy Medhurst
Dtai Hansathis