Ferry Road Market

Gold Coast, Queensland

Unlike its predecessor, James Street Market in Brisbane’s New Farm, the site for Ferry Road Market did not have the benefit of passing trade. It thus had to become a destination worth the journey to it, both visually and experientially.

The client’s aim was to renovate a complex of nondescript dilapidated tilt-up industrial buildings into a lifestyle precinct but at low cost. The building chosen for the market is at the far end of the precinct, the intent being for it to act as a magnet for the wider complex.

Our concept was to ‘erode’ the middle of the building to create the effect of a market square onto which food and other outlets open by different shuttering techniques. The square is subdivided into a conditioned fresh food hall and a naturally ventilated dining hall by a diagonal glazed wall that alternately accentuates and truncates perspective. It also amplifies the geometry of a south-facing sawtooth roof that bathes the space in daylight.

This strategy facilitated retention of much of the existing structure and fabric, either left raw or overlaid with tile and steel plate. Externally, a perforated polypropylene material, conventionally used as a porous driveway underlay, is employed as a sunscreen and to conceal roof plant. The perforations were ideal for pre-nursing vertical planting which has been allowed to grow rampant, encasing the building in a green veil. The mesh has also been cut to form translucent doorways to the marketplace and to reinforce the interior’s industrial character.

Because it is a destination market, the large existing carpark on the site has been retained and reinterpreted into a ‘supergraphic’. Over time, other buildings have been gradually refurbished into retail outlets of varied sizes, utilising the limited palette of materials including the perforated mesh to unify the precinct.

Ferry Road Market
Ferry Road Market
Ferry Road Market
Ferry Road Market
Ferry Road Market
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Beatrice Hutton Award for Commercial Building Architecture, RAIA QLD 2007

Calile Malouf Investments
Project Status
Completed, 2005-2007
Key Consultants
Intelara (Larkin Teys Consulting), DMA Engineers, BRW Enterprises, Gamble McKinnon Green, Michel Group Services
Contractor / Builder
CMF Projects
Gross Floor Area
Peter Hale
Stephanie Donigi
Paul Devereaux
Angela Pearcy