ERM Power Fitout

Brisbane, Queensland

The ERM Power fitout is designed to energise a company which is at the forefront of energy innovation in Australia.

The workplace both tests the organic design of One One One Eagle Street and employs it to synergise architecture and interior design.

A guiding aspect of the synergy is the modulation of sinuous white forms which integrate the language of the perimeter structure and which distinguish the primary travel paths and destinations within the spaces. A single material – Blackbutt – forms a yin-yang relationship with the white elements, interlocking with them to create an array of social, meeting and project spaces.

The focal element of the two level workplace is a twining staircase around and within which project, lounge and quiet spaces are woven to form a piece of interactive sculpture. From this heart, the planning is a series of organic interventions stretching out to the edges and culminating in probably Brisbane’s most spectacular viewing terrace and staff amenity.

These ingredients and strategies fit seamlessly with a highly creative organisation which sees itself as equally organic and evolving, valuing both scheduled and casual interactions between thinkers from different parts of the energy industry.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
ERM Power Limited
Project Status
Completed, 2011-2013
Key Consultants
Norman Disney & Young, Arup, RLB
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
Kate Pottinger