‘E’ House, Elysium

Noosa, Queensland

‘E’ House was designed for the unique Elysium Noosa residential community; a development distinguished by the involvement of twelve leading Australian architects. The brief to the architects for the houses specified only their functional requirements, except for also requesting that the designs reflect the different practices’ ethos.

The concept for the ‘E’ House was to generate a subtropical living environment that would mature to become intrinsic with its heavily forested setting. Timber was selected as the material best suited to achieve this objective, adaptable as it is from structure to surface to joinery.

The house comprises three parallel living zones– one its north-facing loggia, the next a series of interconnected living zones that open to the loggia with bedrooms above, and the third comprising utility and vertical connection spaces. This layering of spaces is dramatised and articulated by internal voids and by expressed elements such as window boxes, built-in seats and screens, for which timber is eminently pliable. The result is a series of flexible, fluid spaces in which timber is utilised to ‘craft’ specific elements.

‘E’ House is a rigorous exploration of the simultaneous virtues and capabilities of timber to articulate space both as structure and skin, to integrate architecture into its natural environment, to express intimacy through modulation and variation, and to contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Pearson Property Group
Project Status
Completed, 2007
Gross Floor Area
Rebekah Vallance
Arlyn Mangabat
Stephen Gunn
Troy King
Samantha Johanson