Constance Street Public Housing

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland

The Constance Street housing project differentiates by its re-writing of fire engineering codes to create a living environment for a city’s socially alienated citizens that foster communal well-being. The transformative aspect of the design was to conceive it as if it were two separate buildings divided by a street. This concept enabled the living units to open up into the atrium, allowing the building to be entirely naturally ventilated, both vertically and laterally, supporting communal gardens at each level. As well as each individual unit’s facilities, these gardens contain communal kitchens, laundries and social spaces.

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Shortlisted in Housing, World Architecture Festival 2014

National Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing, AIA 2013

National Commendation for Sustainable Architecture, AIA 2013

Harry Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture, AIA QLD 2013

Job & Froud Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing, AIA QLD 2013

Brisbane Housing Company
Project Status
Completed, 2008-2010
Key Consultants
Lambert Rehbein, DMA Professional Engineers, Wood Grieve Engineers, Urban Space Design, Heggies
Contractor / Builder
Walton Constructions
Gross Floor Area
Antony Scott-Pegum
Matthew Cavanough