Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

This distinctive sub-tropical building is defined by a shimmering series of parabolic hyperboloid roofs, conceived to reflect the dramatic backdrop of the Brisbane hills. The roofs span 5,000sqm halls from V-shaped diagonal trusses, partially ventilating exhibition spaces. Along the main street frontage, a series of further hypar segments form verandahs to each hall, giving the centre a local, sub-tropical character. The first hall doubles as a subdivisible 4,500 seat plenary convention centre, with operable seating tiers that can be lowered when needed and raised for exhibitions. A 2,500 capacity ballroom adjoins the centre and spans a major railway corridor.

  • Awards
  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team

Engineering Excellence Award, AEEA 1996

Large Structures Award of Excellence, LSAA 1996

Award of Excellence for Metal Building, BHP Steel Awards 1996

Merit Award for Commercial Building, BHP Steel Awards 1996

Steel Award, BHP Steel Awards 1995

Architectural Steel Design Award, AISC 1995

Department of Public Works, Queensland Government
Project Status
Completed, 1992-1995
Contractor / Builder
Leighton Contractors
Gross Floor Area
Peter Hale
Stephen Gunn