Boggo Road Urban Village, 21 Peter Doherty Street

Dutton Park, Queensland

21 Peter Doherty Street is part of the Boggo Road Urban Village master planned precinct, located 3kms from Brisbane’s CBD.

This multi-residential project consists of 64 apartments over 5-storeys in a mixture of 1 and 2-Bed options. Car spaces are wholly concealed within basements and it boasts a substantial private roof terrace with stunning views over the heritage listed gaol to the city skyline. The building steps from 5 to 4 storeys in response to the steeply sloping topography of the site and maintaining a human scale.

The project aspires to create a sub-tropical language for this scale of residential typology. The scale of the development has been broken down by dividing the mass into three separate ‘wings’, each served by external circulation. Each wing has been carefully arranged to create a courtyard space in the centre, open to the sky and the prevailing breezes, providing a naturally lit and ventilated heart.

Exterior cladding is a restrained and limited palette of simple materials including textured render, face brick base, glazed tiles, powder-coated aluminium and profiled metal used sparingly to accent and reinforce the various elements of the architectural expression.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
Project Status
Completed, 2016
Key Consultants
Floths, Robert Birds Group
Contractor / Builder
Site Area
Gross Floor Area
approx. 10,000m2