Allianz Stadium

Moore Park, Sydney, New South Wales

The brief for this Bicentennial project required an economically viable stadium, able to seat 40,000 spectators with optimum viewing conditions, to provide roof for shade over 60% of spectators, to produce a building appropriate to its environment and to minimise the effects of light and noise on the surrounding residential areas.

Structurally, the warping of the roof shape allows a more efficient roof structure, whilst avoiding excessive shading of the turf playing field. In order to maintain that structural integrity, a continuous roof edge was needed.

The opportunity was taken to utilise the edge as a band of continuous lighting directed toward the field, thus eliminating any need for lighting towers with their inevitable overspill.

The continuous circular form provides good acoustic control in addition to generating a quality of atmosphere not possible at the nearby Cricket Ground.

The stadium was used as a Sydney 2000 Olympic venue and is now the homeground for Sydney FC, the NSW Waratahs and the Sydney Roosters.

The Stadium includes:

  • 8,500 m2 Accommodation
  • 15,000 m2 Football Field
  • 20,000 m2 Seating
Allianz Stadium
Allianz Stadium
Allianz Stadium
Allianz Stadium
Allianz Stadium
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Building of Civil Design Engineering Excellence Award, Institute of Engineers 1988

Finalist, World Quaternario Awards 1988

Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust
Project Status
Completed, 1985-1988
Key Consultants
Arup, Lendlease Design
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area