Adelaide Studios

South Australian Film & Screen Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Studios provides new accommodation within an historic campus for the South Australian Film Corporation and local industry related businesses. Our client views this project as the impetus for the rejuvenation of SA’s film production, targeting smaller niche markets to similar interstate facilities. The studios are designed to respond positively to their heritage setting, acknowledging and interpreting the historic symmetrical planning of the Glenside Campus precinct.

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National Award for Commercial Architecture, AIA 2012

Keith Neighbour Award for Commercial Architecture, AIA SA 2012

Commendation for Heritage Architecture, AIA SA 2012

Commendation for Interior Architecture, AIA SA 2012

Award of Commendation, Illuminating Engineering Society 2012

In association with
Grieve Gillett
SA DETI for Arts SA
Project Status
Completed, 2008-2011
Key Consultants
Wallbridge & Gilbert, Bestec, AECOM, TCL Landscape
Contractor / Builder
Hansen Yunken
Gross Floor Area
Claudio Aravena Mesías