Abigroup House

South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

Abigroup House adapts the modern tradition of the cubic glass park pavilion to the Queensland subtropics, employing a splayed solar screen as part of its modified typology.

This concept was devised equally to create a parkland relationship as it was to add to, but not further complicate, and eclectic mix of historic, pseudo-historic and industrial modern structures which make up Stanley Street Plaza.

The splayed screen acts dually as shelter support and visual connection between public realm and office environment, this sense of connection being reinforced by roof level balcony inset and projection expressed on the western façade. Through-site physical connection to the main entrance on the plaza generates further accessibility.

The building is designed to discreetly contain South Bank’s central maintenance depot, using ground level insets to cast borrowed light to basement level. The project encompassed all interior design facilitating integrated fitout, this focused on inter-level connectivity and enfolding social spaces. The envelope is designed to impart a refined modesty that engages the parkland setting.

  • Awards
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Interior Fitout Winner (QLD), Australian Timber Design Awards 2009

Finalist in Corporate Design, Queensland Design on Show, DIA 2009

Shortlisted in Workplace Design, Australian Interior Design Awards 2009

State Award for Commercial Architecture, AIA QLD 2009

In association with
JMA Architects
Abigroup Contractors
Project Status
Completed, 2006-2008
Key Consultants
Aurecon (Connell Wagner), Gamble McKinnon Green, Ron Rumble Renzo Tonin, Bruce Reynolds
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
Peter Hale
Stephen Gunn
Matthew Alder
Lisa Britzman
Kate Callanan
Wei Shun Lee