ABC Accommodation Project

Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria

As the National Broadcaster, the ABC is a vital public institution which is integral to the social, cultural and political life of the city, the state and the nation. Occupying a key Southbank site, the ABC building forms part of a dynamic cultural, arts and education precinct which has reshaped the strategic inner-city area and become a focus for an increasing program of events and public activities.

The ABC Accommodation project reflected ABC Management’s intention to consolidate and co-locate all Melbourne operations under one roof by re-purposing the existing Southbank building to create a unified, integrated and collaborative professional environment for ABC staff in a more functionally efficient and comfortable workplace setting.

It was intended to promote the effective and regular exchange of knowledge and professional skills amongst individuals and to improve inter-divisional operational collaboration to enhance program production and ensure the ABC’s long-term future. The project has provided this important workplace with new planning, production and broadcast facilities, together with office accommodation and hospitality facilities.

The project presented the major challenge of researching (e.g workplace observations and activity mapping, staff interviews), planning and undertaking major structural changes to an existing operational facility where productivity and quality of output could not be diminished for an organisation whose performance is perpetually on ‘public’ display. Most importantly, the operation of key technical and operational facilities had to be maintained at the highest level for the duration of the project.

The ABC’s new workplace offers staff a more dynamic, integrated and visually-transparent environment which promotes interaction across program teams, and invites greater public interest and participation in programs and special events convened within the building. The successful physical and professional transformation of the ABC’s Southbank headquarters has guaranteed the continuation of the organisation’s highest production and performance standards.

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