Lachlan Abercrombie


Lachlan is a Director of Cox Architecture and is responsible for overseeing the international and national urban design and planning team in Sydney.

Throughout his professional development, he has attained an extensive knowledge of urban design and city-shaping principles and practices which he has put to use in a broad array of projects over the last 12 years with the practice.

He has project experience across a range of disciplines and at a variety of scales, both locally and internationally, with a large proportion of work occurring in the realm of delivering strategically justified planning proposals melded with carefully considered urban design and public domain responses.

These responses include city-scale strategic plans, structure plans, master plans, urban design solutions, international design competitions, integrated transport planning, public domain design, and the preparation of vehicles for implementation of these concepts, such as Urban Design Guidelines and Development Applications.

In addition, Lachlan has undertaken the coordination role for a number of large, multi-disciplinary projects including managing the client, consultant and community participation, and the preparation of: planning approvals and applications, urban design and planning reports, and 3D visualisations of proposals.

He possesses a variety of critical thinking, researching, analytical, and modelling techniques and is proficient in a wide array of computer programs allowing for seamless integration of information across of a variety of platforms and media. This combination has led to the development of a dynamic urban design model, which is employed on all projects, to ensure less time is spent on analysis and numerics, and more time is spent on design and critical thinking.

With a background in graphic design, Lachlan is able to use cross-disciplinary skills to convey complex urban design and planning concepts concisely and legibly and make them suitable for government, stakeholder and community consultation.