Eliza Suffren

Senior Associate

Eliza is a Senior Associate at Cox Architecture, based in our Melbourne studio. Quick to condemn complacency as the biggest danger to good design, you quickly realise that there is no danger of Eliza Suffren ever becoming her own worst nightmare; her focus and determination leads her to produce great architecture.

Eliza is one of our project leaders, working on a diverse range of projects. There’s a certain pragmatism within Eliza, she doesn’t believe in design for design’s sake and is more fulfilled when working within project constraints. She sees projects as dynamic, not borne from a single reference point but responding to various moving targets. She’s also a team player, citing collaboration and learning as the best thing about architecture – she also mentors many of the younger designers in the office. Her ambition is to inspire others with the ability of architecture, while leaving some really cool buildings.

At Cox, she’s happy she gets to make her mark on the city, whether seen from the air or up close on the new materials used on facades.