A day in the news: Sydney’s vital new connection at Barangaroo

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At Sydney’s newest precinct, Barangaroo, our brief is to create a design that builds upon the Sydney harbour ferries upgrade program and to provide an aesthetic reflective of the maritime qualities of Sydney and its iconic harbour. More than this however, projects of this kind allow us to revisit and evolve what it means to contribute to public life and to provide infrastructure with real civic quality that balances efficiency with aesthetic and pragmatism with place.

In transport passenger comfort is primary and as such the interior experience is crafted to provide a seamless and sculptural environment providing weather protection, views of Sydney harbour and efficient functional flows in a safe and secure context.

The overall ferry hub was designed for 3 piers each of 75 x 25m. The design features a limited palette of robust materials that provide a public domain interface and a proven maintainability.

The project is due for completion in 2016.