Grosvenor Apartment

Brisbane, Queensland

The opportunity to redesign an apartment is rare for our practice, but it enabled us to translate spatial concepts developed for recent houses (Left-Over-Space House Paddington, Aperture House Highgate Hill) into an apartment context. The owners, a married couple with one a retired orthopaedic surgeon, wanted to change the existing closed room configuration to one which spatially flowed and enabled them to enjoy the whole living realm.

We mention the previous professional life of the surgeon because he possessed an abiding interest in how components – both entire spaces and the joinery that characterises them – interlock and relate. We took this brief to explore the ability of craft to create both atmosphere and functional commodity. This, and the spatial interconnectivity of the apartment, is conveyed largely by one material, with insertions of others to highlight particular places and to accentuate perspectives. The work involved complete redefinition of the spaces from what previously existed, integrating existing structure within the composition.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
Private Client
Project Status
Completed, 2013-2014
Key Consultants
Knisco Development Solutions, Robert Bird Group, Interior Engineering
Contractor / Builder
Projects Queensland Interiors
Gross Floor Area
Samantha Ritch