Elysium Noosa Playground & Facilities

Noosa, Queensland

The playground was originally intended to be a proprietary item, but we saw it as an opportunity both to vary children’s play experience from the norm and to create a landscape installation intriguing to and usable by the wider community. It is a linear sequence of installations that forms an edge to a ‘pocket’ park facing across to a stand of tall, narrow-trunked eucalypts that gave initial design inspiration. The sequence of elements culminates in an elevated cubby house that overlooks an Aboriginal midden some twenty metres beyond. Apart from specific elements such as a slippery slide, the thirty-six-metre long structure is fabricated entirely in concrete and timber and stimulates by its tactile experience.

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Commendation (Walls division), CCAA Public Domain Awards 2009

Pearson Property Group
Project Status
Completed, 2004-2009
Key Consultants
EDAW, Contour Consulting Engineers
Contractor / Builder
Dig-It! Landscapes
Rebekah Vallance
Arlyn Mangabat
Samantha Johanson