Artspace Mackay

Mackay, Queensland

Artspace Mackay is a regional gallery funded jointly by Queensland Heritage Trails and Mackay City Council. It responds to a brief which, albeit to a small budget, sought an architecture which is memorably Mackay’s and which excited the imagination of the city despite an austere existing civic context.

The response is a building which interacts the notions of architecture as art and art as architecture. The generators include that of ‘a container for art’, ‘a community pavilion in the park’, and ‘a deinstitutionalised civic building’.

The interaction of these concepts emerges by intersecting and overlapping forms so that no one idea is dominant. The dissolution of ‘boundaries’ is reinforced by the configuration of particular elements, a key example being Craig Walsh’s which the façade peels open to coil around.

The interaction of geometries was also conceived as a method for creating shifting perspectives which wrought a relatively small building spatially large. The project also explores potentials of juxtaposing materials unconventionally such as tilt-up concrete and copper to create shifting impressions of scale.

  • Awards
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State Award for Cultural Buildings, RAIA QLD 2003

State Award for Art & Architecture, RAIA QLD 2003

FDG Stanley Award for Public Buildings Architecture, RAIA QLD 2003

Mackay City Council
Project Status
Completed, 2001-2006
Key Consultants
David Gundy (Root Projects), Connell Mott MacDonald, EDAW Gillespies, Hyder Consulting, Rider Hunt, Craig Walsh, Jill Chism
Contractor / Builder
Gross Floor Area
Peter Booth